Global Samaritans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to showing God's love by enhancing the physical and spiritual well being of the people in Southern Zambia. Global Samaritans includes a children's home located just outside of Livingstone, Zambia. From its base at the children's home, Global Samaritans also operates three commercial well drilling rigs providing clean water to villages that do not currently have access to clean water. When visiting a village to drill a well our organization always takes the opportunity to share the Good News of the gospel and minister
to the villagers spiritually.
Our organization can best be summed up through its four purposes:
(1) To raise mature, productive, Christian children who will mold and shape the future of Zambia.
(2) To assist the local churches and pastors through continuing education, library resources, and evangelism tools, and their churches with evangelism and discipleship.  
(3) To provide an opportunity for Americans to serve and be intimately involved in life changing foreign mission experiences.
(4) To bring clean water to Zambia and improve the standard of living in communities where Global Samaritans is already at work.

Support Global Samaritans

We are extremely thankful for and reliant upon your generous donations to Global Samaritans. Your contribution will allow us to provide care for more orphaned children and to further God's kingdom by growing the number of believers in Zambia.

Go to Zambia

Each year mission teams from all over the country travel to Zambia to participate in mission trips with Global Samaritans. We would love for YOU to lead or be part of a mission team to Zambia. If you would like to participate in a life-changing mission experience in Zambia with Global Samaritans please contact the Executive Director, Erin Porter, for details.