Global samaritans team

  • Bo and Ruby CHeves- founders

    Bo and Ruby Cheves are both doctors from Greensboro, Georgia. Bo is a general surgeon for Medical College of Georgia at Lake Oconee and Ruby oversees the mid-wives clinic at Athens Regional Hospital. Bo and Ruby are the founders of Global Samaritans. They spent two years serving as doctors in Zimba, Zambia. While in country they noticed the alarming number of orphans and recognized the need to start an orphanage. Thus, Global Samaritans was begun. The time and investment they have made into the lives of our children will have an everlasting impact. They are essential to the success of Global Samaritans. Other than the  children at Global Samaritans, Bo and Ruby are the proud parents of Alex and Rebecca.

  • Erin Porter- Executive Director

    Erin is from Athens, Georgia. She began serving as the Executive Director of Global Samaritans in January 2010 after earning her Masters of Arts in Non-Profit Organizations from the University of Georgia. She has always had a heart for Africa! Erin first became involved in Global Samaritans in 2005 during a short-term mission trip. Erin's love for Global Samaritans grew as her involvement with the organization increased. Erin is married to Stanton Porter and has two adorable boys- JP and Thomas.

  • Dave combrink- Zambia director

    Dave was born and raised on a farm in Zambia. Dave received an electrical engineering and business management degree from a university in South Africa. He returned to Zambia in 1999 to set up a dairy farm and has been involved with Global Samaritans since its formation. Dave continues to run his dairy, is in charge of all construction which takes place in Zambia, and oversees our Zambian operations. Dave is married to Bundy, who is essential to keeping us organized. They are the parents of three boys-Kyle, Michael, and Kent. Dave loves seeing the amazing transformation which takes place in the lives of our children when they come to Global Samaritans. They leave hardship and abuse for love, a family environment, and education. He considers it an honour to be involved with this organization!

  • Dalton and Elizabeth Cofer

    Dalton and Elizabeth are serving as full time missionaries at Global Samaritans. Dalton and Elizabeth moved to Zambia in March of 2017 and hit the ground running.  They are instrumental in running the guesthouse for teams serving on short term mission trips to Global Samaritans. They also work closely with the children at Global Samaritans and minster to the people in surrounding villages through ZAM JAM meetings and day camps. Dalton and Elizabeth are proud parents of two daughters; Mattison Luyando "Matti Lu" and Kinley Lumuuno, and a son born in 2023 named Titus Lushomo.

  • Mirriam Konga- Orphanage Administrator

    Mirriam is from Livingstone, Zambia. She joined Global Samaritans in 2003 after volunteering with our organization in 2002. Mirriam worked extensively with children prior to coming to Global Samaritans.   She enjoys working at Global Samaritans because of its Biblical foundation. Mirriam is a single orphan and understands what our children are going through. She is excited to be a part of the change which is taking place in the lives of the children at Global Samaritans. Mirriam is happily married to Fred and they have three children; Liseli, Ramon and Maxwell.  

  • Alex bene - Well Drilling Foreman

    Alex is a native of Romania but spent the majority of his adult life drilling wells in Zambia. He loves nothing more than to go out in the African bush for days at a time to drill wells and provide clean water for the people of Zambia. Alex's knowledge and skill allow our well drilling crew to reach some of the more remote areas of Zambia. We are so thankful to have Alex as part of the Global Samaritans team. 

  • Tim Garrett- Board Chairman

    Tim Garrett is a doctor from Watkinsville, Georgia, who first visited Zambia and Global Samaritans Children’s Home in 2011 and fell in love with the people there. He has led several subsequent mission trips to Zambia and serves as the chairman of the Global Samaritans Board of Directors. Tim and his wife Cynthia sponsor several children at Global Samaritans while the entire Garrett family - Tim, Cynthia, and their children Kayla and Hunter - have visited and served at the Children’s Home. Tim is thrilled to have the privilege to share the love of Jesus with the people of Zambia and to introduce people from the U.S. to the beautiful country of Zambia and the lovely people who live there.

  • Steve Hollis- Board Member

    Steve Hollis is co-owner of a family of manufacturing businesses, who joined Global Samaritans Board in 2016, and made his first visit to our Children’s Home in 2017, where he also participated in a well drill in a nearby village.  He has served with a variety of non-profit organizations focused on serving children, providing clean water, and enabling educational access.  Steve has been blessed through serving on several mission trips in the U.S., and serves in several roles in his local church.  Steve and his wife Melanie have been blessed with three sons, all of whom have served on mission trips as well.  Steve looks forward to many more trips to Zambia, and to supporting the children and well-drilling activities through sponsorship, and to sharing the love of Christ with all he encounters

  • aNNE Sweeting - bOARD mEMBER

    Anne Sweeting began her involvement with Global Samaritans through sponsoring one of the first children to arrive at the children’s home in 2002.  She has made many trips to Zambia over the years, and has enjoyed developing relationships with her sponsored children. Anne has a genuine love for the people of Zambia and has assisted in many aspects of Global Samaritans missions. Her participation in several well drilling trips to rural villages has stirred a passion for the water well program, providing clean water, one of life’s most basic necessities. Anne is retired from a lifelong corporate career centered around real estate acquisition and restaurant development.  She counts it a privilege to serve the people of Zambia through Global Samaritans.  

  • MaryStuart Hulsey - Board Member

    MaryStuart Hulsey was born and raised in Watkinsville, GA and attended her first mission trip to Livingstone, Zambia in 2011.  She has continued to visit six times in the last ten years, and sponsors several of the children at Global Samaritans.  MaryStuart has visited other countries doing mission work, but has found a huge place in her heart for the people of Zambia, and Global Samaritans Children's Home specifically.  She has witnessed several well drillings, and the joy on people's faces when they are given access to clean water is something that will never leave her.  One of her dreams was  to serve on the Board, and now that she is, hopes to use her abilities to better serve the organization as a whole.  MaryStuart is part owner of a family business that is a franchisee of Zaxby's.  Avants Management Group owns and operates several Zaxby's restaurants in the Southeast and in Texas. MaryStuart has been blessed with a loving husband, Chris, and two daughters; Harper and Amelia.  She can't wait to bring her family to Zambia one day.