Water Wells

Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. Yet, 4.8 million Zambians are without access to clean water. Those with access often have to travel long distances to the nearest clean water supply. Global Samaritans is excited to help bring clean water to southern Zambia. Three drilling rigs and support vehicles have been donated to Global Samaritans. 

We hope that you will donate generously to our water well projects and help us bring clean water to Zambia! 

Global Samaritans' water project gives you the opportunity to provide a  well that offers clean water for drinking, personal hygiene, and cooking in Zambia. Through clean water, you and your group will improve the health and standard of living in a village, community, or school where Global Samaritans is at work. A plaque with your name or your group's name will be affixed at the pump so that the people of Zambia will know of your love and generosity. Global Samaritans will provide you with photos of the well. You also have the opportunity to visit the village and see the well firsthand and meet the people as a member of one of Global Samaritans mission teams.

Check out the video below to see an actual well drilling project!