Children's Home

Since our founding, Global Samaritans has focused primarily on the children's home in Livingstone, Zambia.  Our first children arrived in April of 2002 and over the years we have had as many as fifty-six children residing at Global Samaritans Children's Home.  The children are either double or single orphaned, due primarily to the HIV/Aids epidemic which has devastated sub-Saharan Africa.  Zambia has been one of the countries hardest hit.  The children are innocent victims of this terrible tragedy and struggle to exist.

Global Samaritans Children's Home provides food, clothes, a home with stability, medical care, education, family and the love of Jesus Christ to these children.  It is our hope that as the children mature, they will become responsible and productive Christian adults who will mold and shape the future of Zambia and share the love of Jesus Christ with

a needy nation.

Our children's home is made up of several family units, each with a group of children and a house mother. These house mothers have come to live at Global Samaritans and are dedicated to raising

the children as their own. We have found this model to work well and it helps to re-create a  nurturing family structure.

We are continuing to welcome more children to our children's home and are in need of

sponsors. Please visit our Child Sponsorship section for more information on how you

can become a sponsor.

Our facilities also include a guest house to serve those working on mission trips, an on-site church, high school for grades eight and nine, computer lab, skills training area, recreation complex, library and a conference center used for pastor training and various seminars. Global Samaritans has been able to establish an impeccable and firm presence in Zambia. We have a wonderful relationship with the government officials and business leaders in Livingstone. Global Samaritans is often regarded as one of the best orphanages in southern Zambia.

Well Drilling

Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. Yet, 4.8 million Zambians are without access to clean water. Those with access often have to travel long distances to the nearest clean water supply. Global Samaritans is excited to help bring clean water to southern Zambia. This will improve the standard of living in communities where Global Samaritans is already at work. Three drilling rigs and support vehicles have been donated to the cause and Global Samaritans. We hope that you will donate generously to our Water Projects and help us bring clean water to Zambia! Check out the video about our well drilling project.

Village Outreach

Since its inception Global Samaritans has had a vision for ministry. The early teams were involved mainly in construction but ministry was still a vital part of what God was doing in Zambia. The very first team was involved in pastor training and evangelism. Showing the "Jesus Film" was an integral part of the ministry that teams were involved in and it remains a vital aspect of our village outreach. As the orphanage grew so did the ministry. Teams were starting to "go out", traveling away from the compound, teaching and preaching in surrounding villages. Pastors were trained and relationships were forged, and Global Samaritans was becoming well known in the area as proclaimer of the Gospel. While the message is still the same, the methods have changed over the years. There are still pastors' conferences, revivals, men's and women's ministry, youth outreach and of course there is always vacation bible school for the children. These will continue to be the focus for our ministry but we have recently partnered with local missionaries who have been in the field in Zambia for many years. We are working with them on providing "needs" based ministries to villages that don't see as many volunteer mission teams. It is our hope that by going out a little further and getting a little more out of our comfort zones, we will see many coming to know Christ as their Savior and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


One of the privileges we have at Global Samaritans is to host a local church, Hillside Fellowship, on our property. Each week our children, members of our staff, and people from surrounding villages, have the opportunity to worship and study God’s Word together.  Hillside Fellowship was originally a church plant of Lakeside Church at Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia. It is a non-denominational church founded on evangelical Christian beliefs and doctrine, based on Biblical teachings guided by the Baptist Faith and Message. It is our hope that God will lead other individuals and churches to help support the work of Hillside Church as they share the message of Jesus Christ to our orphanage family and the surrounding community. Hillside Fellowship is located at the heart of Global Samaritan's compound. There is no sweeter sound than the voices of Hillside Fellowship worshiping our Lord!


Global Samaritans High School was established in January, 2010 on the grounds of the children’s home in Zambia. Previously, with no local high school, a secondary level education was difficult, if not impossible, for the children in our area. We are thankful to Ronald McDonald House Charities for their generous grant which made our high school possible.  We view our high school as a critical ministry, providing a door of opportunity for many children to become future leaders who will serve and impact Zambia. Many of our students have graduated high school and are studying or have obtained degrees at the college level and are already serving in areas of nursing, teaching, journalism and various trades.   We plan to continue to refine and expand our curriculum and facilities, as funds allow, providing the best possible education to the teenagers in our area of Zambia.  We are always in need of school supplies (pens, pencils, crayons, markers, sharpies, chalk, rulers, notebook paper, construction paper, folders, etc.) for our children at Global Samaritans and the children who attend our high school. Thank you for supporting this ministry! 

Conference Center

Our Pastors Training and Conference Center was completed in 2019. The building features sleeping accommodations, restrooms, kitchen, living room, resource library and covered outdoor patio. What a thrill to bring all the local pastors we have been working with together in one place for a special time of learning, fellowship and encouragement. We are excited to see the impact these pastors will have on their villages.  Early in 2020 we hosted our first Marriage Conference.  What a joy to help couples strengthen their marriages and learn about marriage God's way. We are grateful to all who have donated or sponsored the conferences and the completion of this beautiful facility.  This center has been a blessing in countless ways and will continue to provide much needed training for the pastors, men and women in our area of Zambia.